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Andrea’s fitness lifestyle, methodology and fun workouts are designed to have you achieve your goals. you will get variation of exercises, sequences, and length of videos to fit into your lifestyle and daily routine needs.  

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AndFit Mama Prenatal Series

Feel your best while staying fit and active throughout pregnancy with exercises that are safe yet effective for all trimesters. Every movement was specifically designed for expectant mothers and focus on safe, effective exercises. 

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AndFit Post Natal Series

This is a timed workout so you do what you feel you can!  Use these postnatal exercises a few times a week.  These are the workouts I used for myself to get back into Fitness after my son was born. These workouts are safe, convenient and effective for any mom looking at getting back into shape.

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"Perfectly practical! Anywhere, anytime! Andrea is your personal trainer and gym buddy in your pocket! Never have I seen better results in my fitness! Better decision you will ever make. Thank you!"

Jessica Coleman

"The AndFit method has made me feel and look better at 40 than I did at 30! I am a busy mom with three kids, a husband and a business and training with the AndFit method has been my therapy and best way to stay in shape. I never felt so good before! "

Aida Gurdian

"AndFit is the best system to lose weight and tone your muscles. I got 100% results. With just a session you can feel your whole body working and even after the workout you will feel your body burning calories. AndFit makes my day so much better! "

Monica Aguerri

"Beautiful Andrea was my first ever Trainer at the age of 56! I wanted to ski and after 7-8 sessions with the AndFit method, not only enjoying great ski, very fast I became fan of training and for the past 4 solid years regular training became my daily routine. Great to see such a passionate young professional living with humble mind and such a gratitude! "

Cecilia Lam

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AndFit Online studio to take classes anywhere, anytime. Classes are a quick and efficient 20- 30 minutes.  Body-weight High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or weights. Multilevel.

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Your Trainer Andrea

For the past 18 years, Andrea has had the privilege of helping thousands of people lose weight, get fit and live healthier lives. Andrea loves creating strategies to help you find work life balance and personal health and fitness. 

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Community is everything and we are stronger together than alone. Let's do this!  Our committed, expert team is here to help you reach your fitness goals. Contact us anytime at [email protected]

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